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Product descriptions are the most important parts of a successful e-commerce business. Getting the right information about the product to the potential customer is the key to getting them to buy. To do this, you must first know the product yourself. You also need to know your audience so that you can tailor the product description to their needs. Great product descriptions stand out from the rest because they are well written and provide the customer with all the information they need to know to make a decision about whether to buy the product. …

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AI is the future of content marketing and will revolutionise your content strategy. It is a well-known fact that content marketing is the best way for brands to distinguish themselves in the competitive market. But how will AI change the landscape? AI is a teaching machine. It is able to learn from data in a way that is not possible for humans. AI can absorb and process data in ways that humans can only dream of, and that is a game changer for content marketers. …

I have recently made an ai that writes product descriptions namely TextCortex AI. Check it out at

It has not been long since we got into a heated discussion about the possibility of programming the mind with my fellow friend Onur Solmaz slash Co-Founder at Manifest. According to him, the human brain is very much like an Artificial Neural Network, and you can retrain it with an approach similar to supervised learning. He claims that anything in the mind can be changed given enough time with the right approach — even core beliefs. Suffering from social anxiety? …

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From the ancient Stoics to the current date, the emotion was a struggle for humankind. We are driven by the inevitable power of the emotions which in the end affects our actions yet as a person we feel so hopeless and powerless against them. So why it is so hard to resist the feeling of procrastination when you are anxious about a deadline? Why we are choosing the procrastination and can’t resist the emotions driving that? Wouldn’t everything be easier just tell the brain to shut up and finish that To-Do in *insert any productivity tool* right now? Hey Brain…

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It hasn’t been a long time since I started learning about stoicism. Before that, I never heard its name nor practised it.
It was ex-pat life which brought unbeknown feelings to me in a scale that I haven’t experienced before. The Life I started in Germany started as awesome then transformed into ‘not so awesome’ and then into ‘Can I go back now?’.

Getting adjusted to a new culture, learning it and practising it was fun but after a while things get mundane and there are not so many new things to discover around. …

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I had a goal in my mind to create an AI service which is helpful to people and super simple at the same time. After fiddling around with GPT-2, I have realized it has an immense creative potential that could prove useful in creative text generation.

Therefore I created NameKrea which is an AI domain name generator. Domain name generator business is online since long time, but it hasn’t seen this amount of good quality content. (If you want to learn more about project’s ideation phase and productivity tips here is the first part of the article)

Let me walk…

Namekrea Generates Domain and Business Names using AI

Wow, AI Domain Name Generator NameKrea really got launched in 60 days! I never thought that this would be possible, but here it is. The sticky notes that I put on to my wall for planning the next 2 months really proved to be working much better than the agile/scrum/whatever the buzzword thing about project management in the industry right now. All of this happened while I was working full-time. …

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Whenever I start working on a project I always think about possible branding that my project is going to have. It is an exciting and tedious task in the same time. If you are like me, then you will have many questions in your mind like I do:

  1. Should I use the same domain for my product and company?
  2. Does it make sense to go for a domain name that doesn’t have a meaning or should I just go for something that makes sense?
  3. Where to register my domain?
  4. Should I pay for domain names for sale from 3rd parties?

Will people lose their jobs to AI?

DISCLAIMER: I have been toying with the idea of using an AI to create articles like the following and the results are weirdly accurate sometimes. Enjoy the AI written article :)

It will change how jobs are created and how companies are able to fill them.

There will be many jobs that will become obsolete within the next five years. And, of course, as the technology improves and AI becomes better at creating jobs, it will also empower our economy to generate more economic growth, create jobs and create jobs of all kinds.

So the process of automation is inevitable…

Ceyhun Derinbogaz

Engineer/Entrepreneur who loves to build, write and code. Sold his Clean-Tech Company Grafentek. Currently working on AI and building his 4th Startup.

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